Compact sized turret which uses a Selfeeder “Varimec” as a drive unit. It has a tool change function so 1 machine can do 4 types of operations. Also it is useful for using by “automatic drilling machine style with tool change system”.

Model #Spindle Speed (no load)Chuck TypeChucking CapacityAluminum Max. Drilling Size (ADC)Cast Iron Max. Drilling Size (FC200)Steel Max. Drilling Size (S45C)List Price
4TH3S+SSV3-7100THB1000 ~ 7000 min-1 min-1 Stub Holder (KH-20E NT tool)2.6 ~ 9.0 mm6.5 mm5 mm4 mm QUOTE
4TH3S+SSV3-1626THB265 ~ 2650 min-1Stub Holder (KH-20E NT tool)2.6 ~ 9.0 mm12 mm9 mm8 mmQUOTE
4TH3S+SSV4-2070THB1000 ~ 7000 min-1Stub Holder (KH-20E NT tool)2.6 ~ 9.0 mm9 mm8 mm7 mm QUOTE