Why Choose Hutchison Tool Sales For In-Die Tapping?

In this highly competitive global market quoting and estimating new projects in a timely and accurate way is extremely important. We can quote most standard units in a 10 minute phone call and specials in 24 hours. By asking the right questions we can get your quotes done quickly and efficiently.

The biggest fear most people have with In-die tapping is that they do not have any experience with the process. We understand these fears so we make a point of supporting your engineering team from the initial quoting process through die design and on to full stamping production. Our staff will help determine the appropriate press stroke and production speed and follow through with CAD drawings of the recommended tapping head and other die design information to help facilitate the die design process. We then offer a final die design review of the tapping station to assure the tapping will be successful. Lastly, trouble shooting support is always available from the initial trial run and on through the production life of the tool.

We know that time is money and if dies are not running, parts are not going out the door, customers are unhappy, and your bottom line suffers. That is why we maintain a large standard parts inventory to keep you up and running. While most basic repairs and maintenance can be done in your own tool room, some repairs may require the expertise of factory personnel. In these instances, when the factory receives a unit to be repaired we will provide an estimate before any repairs are done and then the customer can determine whether or not to proceed with the repair.

Hutchison Tool Sales also maintains a large inventory of taps, gages, lubricant and other accessories for all of your In-die tapping applications. Our experienced staff has over 46 years of combined in experience in recommending the correct taps, lubricants, etc. for any tapping application.

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