High-power model which has a 3.7 kW spindle motor and 7,800N thrust. It can do facing, end-milling and 28mm diameter drilling operations into steel material.

Model # Spindle Speed (no load) 50HzSpindle Speed (no load) 60HzChuck TypeAluminum Max. Drilling Size (ADC)Cast Iron Max. Drilling Size (FC200)Steel Max. Drilling Size (S45C)List Price
MS7-32292900 min -13500 min -1ER3211 mm 4 mm3 mm QUOTE
MS7-3222 2200 min -12700 min -1 ER3213 mm5 mm4 mm QUOTE
MS7-32151500 min -11800 min -1 ER32 17 mm7 mm6 mm QUOTE
MS7-32101000 min -1 1200 min -1ER3220 mm14 mm12 mm QUOTE
MS7-3206650 min -1800 min -1ER3225 mm19 mm16 mmQUOTE
MS7-3205500 min -1600 min -1ER3231 mm24 mm21 mm QUOTE
MS7-3203340 min -1410 min -1 ER3240 mm32 mm28 mmQUOTE