High-precision and high-rigidity unit which uses united structure of spindle unit and slide table. It offers high-efficient deep hole drilling because of 300mm long stroke and coolant center-through system.

Model #Spindle Speed (no load) 50HzChuck TypeSpindle Speed (no load) 60HzAluminum Max. Drilling Size (ADC)Cast Iron Max. Drilling Size (FC200)Steel Max. Drilling Size (S45C)List Price
SSM5-2641BCL4100 min -14900 min -1ER408 mm4 mm4 mmQUOTE
SSM5-2634BCL3400 min -14000 min -1 ER409 mm5 mm5 mm QUOTE
SSM5-2625BCL2500 min -1 3000 min -1ER4012 mm6 mm6 mm QUOTE
SSM5-2621BCL2100 min -12500 min -1ER4010 mm5 mm 5 mm QUOTE
SSM5-2617BCL1700 min -12000 min -1ER4012 mm6 mm6 mm QUOTE
SSM5-2611BCL1100 min -11300 min -1 ER40 16 mm9 mm8 mm QUOTE
SSM5-2607BCL700 min -1 850 min -1ER40 19 mm14 mm 12.5 mmQUOTE
SSM5-2604BCL400 min -1480 min -1 ER4019 mm15 mm13.5 mm QUOTE
SSM5-2602BCL220 min -1260 min -1ER4024 mm21 mm19 mmQUOTE