• Easily portable throughout facility-can be mounted to push or table top via clamp or M8 thorough bolts.
  • counterbalance in articulated arm-allows for free floating smooth lightweight operation.
  • Head piece fitted with quick change for rapid replacement of RPM modules-can also be for outfitted for horizontal tapping.
  • RPM modules-makes it so one machine can machine can run a very wide range of taps. Also fitted with Blitz style quick change for tap adapters-much more efficient and less money than competition.
  • Can save around 20% machine time as an auxiliary machine. The operator can have the CNC milling the next part while he/she is tapping offline (as opposed to standing/waiting).
  • Ease of use-the machine is almost idiot proof. Comes with chart of tap ranges per module, and threads itself into the hole. All the operator needs to is align the tap with hole and pull the trigger.
  • Save the work piece and taps-using torque control tap adapters with his machine makes it very difficult to break taps, thus saving tool cost, product loss/cost & extensive downtime & labor to drill out re-tap.
Series 200 Pneumatic Tapping Arm
Series 400 Pneumatic Tapping Arm
Series 500 Pneumatic Tapping Arm
Model #DescriptionOrientation SpeedCapacity List Price
R40000ASeries 400-350 Tapping MachineVERTICAL 90 to 2100 rpmNumber 0 - 7/8" (M2-M22)QUOTE
R41000ASeries 400-E Tapping MachinVERTICAL90 to 2100 rpmNumber 0 - 7/8" (M2-M22) QUOTE
R44000ASeries 400-VH Tapping MachineHORIZONTAL VERTICAL 90 to 2100 rpmNumber 0 - 7/8" (M2-M22) QUOTE
R45000ASeries 400-VH-E Tapping Machine HORIZONTAL VERTICAL90 to 2100 rpm Number 0 - 7/8" (M2-M22)QUOTE