For drill sizes up to 3/8 in. diameter when drilling steel. The speed range covered by this series is from 300 rpm to 4,300 rpm.

Model #TypeSpeed at no Load (rpm)Tap Chuck Capacity (inches)Max. Drill Size - Plastics Wood (inches)Max. Drill Size - Aluminum (inches)Thrust List Price
SFC-1338UPneumatic 4300N/A1/25/16180QUOTE
SFC-1325UPneumatic 3400N/A5/83/8180QUOTE
SFC-1311UPneumatic1200N/A115/32180 QUOTE
SFC-1305UPneumatic 7509/161 11/6435/64180QUOTE
SFC-1303UPneumatic 3009/16N/AN/A180QUOTE