The Synchro Tapper ST1 is an electronically controlled compact tapping unit featuring an AC servo motor designed to tap small holes effectively.


  • Compact Design The total unit length is just 322mm. Ideal for a small tapping machine.
  • High Performance Tap modes such as inching and peck feed can be simply input utilizing either a programming console or a PC. Ideal RPM and feed stroke can be input to optimize performance.
  • High Efficiency Efficient tapping operations with programmable speeds up to max. 3000 RPM


  • Tapping capacities are for three flute Number2 hand tap when tapping 1.5 times the tap diameter in depth.
  • Operational RPM is determined by the material, tapping diameter and tap pitch.
  • The proper lead screw assembly must be selected for each particular tap pitch.
Model #Motor Type Max. Rotating Speed- Fast Approach Feed (rpm) Max. Rotating Speed - Pitch Feed (rpm) Aluminum Tapping Capacity (mm) Steel Tapping Capacity (mm) Max. Fast Approach Stroke (mm) Max. Pitch Feed Stroke (mm) Max. Total Stroke (mm) Motor Weight (kg) Tapping Capacity
ST1-103MInduction Motor 4000 3000M5 M3.5 20 20 20 0.4 kW AC servo motor 7 Aluminium M5 Steel M3.5