Hydro speed regulators are designed to control the forward speed (feed rate) of the Selfeeder. Use of a regulator provides adjustable feed rates, faster cycle times, reduces burring, eliminates drill breakage, and prevents sudden forward surges at drill breakthrough. One regulator is required per Selfeeder for drilling operations.

Special stroke length regulators are available.

Model #Type of Rod ReturnWeightApplicable UnitDownloadList Price
RB-2430Spring return 0.41 kg 0.90 lbES2,ES3C,ES3P,GSA,GSB,SFB,SFCRegulators.pdfQUOTE
RB-2460Spring return0.58 kg 1.28 lb ES2,ES3C,ES3P,GSA,GSB,SFB,SFCRegulators.pdfQUOTE
RB-3140Spring return0.95 kg 2.09 lbES5,GSC Regulators.pdfQUOTE
RB-3160Spring return 1.2 kg 2.64 lbES5,GSC Regulators.pdf QUOTE
RB-3860Spring return1.80 kg 3.96 lbES6 Regulators.pdfQUOTE
R-2462AAir return1.4 kg 3.08 lbES2,ES3C,ES3P,GSA,GSB,SFB,SFCDatasheetQUOTE
R-2482AAir return1.5 kg 3.30 lbES2,ES3C,GSB,ES3P,GSA,SFB,SFCDatasheetQUOTE
R-3182AAir return2.2 kg 4.85 lbGSC,ES5 DatasheetQUOTE
R-31132AAir return 2.8 kg 5.17 lbES5,GSCDatasheetQUOTE
R-38100AAir return 4.2 kg 9.26 lbES6 Datasheet QUOTE
R-55100AAir return 7.3 kg 16.09 lbES7 Datasheet QUOTE
R-55150AAir return 8.1 kg 17.86 lb ES7DatasheetQUOTE
R-2442AAir return1.3 kg 2.86 lbES2,ES3C,ES3P,GSA,GSB,SFB,SFCDatasheet QUOTE