• Powerful 1HP (0.75kw).
  • Long stroke 4.72inch (120mm).
  • Capable of producing class 3 threads with fully synchronized feed and rotation.
  • Fast production with rapid feed available.


  • Faster production Feeds are automatically changed from rapid approach to pitch feed to reverse feed on retract. This speed cycle greatly increases production capacity.
  • Capable of class 3 thread accuracy Feed rate is synchronized with tool rotation allowing thin or soft materials to be worked efficiently.
  • Flexibility to meet your specifications Easy adjustment for tap diameter, thread pitch and stroke length.
  • Compact, versatile set-up Compact size allows installation in small spaces


Circuit Diagram


Model #Spindle Type Power Total Stroke Fast Approach Stroke Pitch Feed Stroke Fast Stroke Speed Minimum Cycle Time (sec.) Motor Type Tapping Capacity
STC-P316U3/4-12 ASA 7/8-12 ASA 1 1/16-12 ASA Standard Keyed Spindle 1 HP (0.75 kW) 0.79 ~ 4.72 in 20 ~ 120 mm 1.18 ~ 4.33 in 30 ~ 110 mm 0 ~ 1.57 in 0 ~ 40 mm 3.93 in/s 100 mm/s 6 Induction Motor Aluminium M22 Steel M16