ES6, ES7, ST4, and STE are supplied with integral mounting so additional clamps and columns are not required.

Select from three sizes of clamps and columns for unsurpassed mounting flexibility. Selfeeders can be oriented at any desired angle and still maintain their accuracy.

All components are rugged, heavy wall construction to ensure absolute rigidity under load. Crossing keyways on the base clamps provide accurate alignment.

Applicable Selfeeder Typer

  • ES2
  • ES3C
  • ES3P
  • ES5

Complete Set Components

  • Base Clamp
  • Swivel Clamp
  • Column Clamp
  • Level Clamp
  • Column
  • Height Adjuster
Model #Item NameList Price
US-104Complete SetQUOTE
US-104BCBase ClampQUOTE
US-W104SCSwivel ClampQUOTE
US-104CCColumn ClampQUOTE
US-104HAHeight AdjusterQUOTE